Coolest Mexican Bloggers, Photographers and Illustrators.

Finding friends in this virtual world of ours? Yes, it is possibly to do so (I mean, if you can find a husband through Tinder, of course you can make friends LOL)

We are very grateful with the fact that after this year, we’ve met lots of incredible people, that are full of dreams, projects, creativity, pasion but mostly they are full of love for our beloved country, Mexico. Today, we want to show you 4 different accounts of amazing mexicans, whose work and heart amaze us every single day.

Sometimes is difficult to find people that get your point of having to wait at a restaurant for every single dish to get to the table, so you can take de perfect Instagram picture (don’t get us wrong but maybe some friends and family of ours are sick of waiting haha) and we also love the fact that, we can share dreams, feelings, experiences, content, good and bad moments, trips and the most important thing; missing Mexico anywhere we go.

Without further due, here we go.

Pablo Parra, Fungi Express. 

The first one in our list of virtual friends, all the way from Barcelona, Spain.  A mexican heart, traveler and illustrator whose mind is full of fantastic and original ideas. We became he’s most faithfull followers from the moment we came across his Instagram account, between comments and messages, one unexpected day we received an email from Pablo, inviting us to be part of his blog, (You need to know that we were excited as hell for that invitation). If you are wondering if Pablo and us have met, the answer is NO! we are InstaFriends but hopefully we will meet soon anywhere in this world.

     Fungi Express by Pablo

Fungi Express a storyteller in the fashion world, where anecdotes are inmmortalize in soft lines, where garments and people who wear them tell a story. It’s a blog, but also a philosphy of life were entertainment and creativity are the most important fuel, because in the end, wether you are a creator of content or not, we all as people have something to express. 
Fungi is a constant explorer (or at least his wish is to fill up all the pages of his passport with stamps), but believes that in order to be a good traveler you first need to fall in love with your own country, and respect it, falling in love with the good things and doing or part to reduce the bad ones. The best thing about Mexico for Fungi? Color as a way of living (a basic thrive to develop as an illustrator), the concept of family, friendship and of course …. food!



Fungi Express 6Fungi Express 11

Bettina Guisa.

When I first met and saw Bettina, the first thing that came to my mind was “When I grow up I wanna dress like her!!”she has the sweetest and tender soul I’ve ever met, her career is amazing, she has lived and study in New York City and she works for New York Fashion Week almost every season. Months later after I met her, she met my collaborator and from the first moment; we have worked in different projects together, she saw how Frida Y Kahlo was born.

Although there’s an age difference between the three of us, trust us, her spirit is full of energy, love and positiveness. We are very thankful for the frienship we’ve built and also for all the advises, ideas, adventures, pictures, projects and more we’ve done with her.

Bettina Guisa by Bettina Guisa

What is Bettina Guisa Blog?

This project was born with the idea of  capturing and expressing a REAL lifestyle and no perfectionisim. In Bettina Guisa I talk about my passions: fashion, beauty, style, trips, fitness and health. Is a space full of style, tendency, workout routines, travel, beauty and health tips.

What I love the most about Mexico is it’s people and richness, the quality of any mexican is incomparable and has given me the oppportunity of meeting extraordinary people like Frida Y Kahlo. Mexico is a place full of landscapes and places that never stop amazing me, truthly there isn’t any place like it. 



Snapchat @BettinaGuisa


 Minda Peralta, Fashion Taaco.

FashionTaaco, our dearest Youtuber, we met Minda a few years ago and we never thought we would have such a lovely friendship. The three of us have learnt a lot since we started this Blogging trip and she has showed us that anything can be turn into something amazing if you do it with love and passion. We are out of words to express and thank her for everything she has done for us. Really soon, we will surprise you all with something really cool, stay tuned and follow her on her channel, Instagram and Snapchar so you can watch our plans! We love you and miss you so much!

Fashion Taaco by Minda Peralta.

Hey! Minda here 🙂 I’m the creator behind the YouTube channel… Fahiontaaco (yes, double “a” haha). I started this project as a lifestyle “blog” (hair tutorials, makeup, #OOTD and more) but after time I found out that my real passion was to create and experiment with videos. And it was then that I decided to change of platform to YouTube, I see myself reflected in every corner of my channel.

I’m that person that is passionate about lots of stuff and at the same time; fashion, makeup, food, traveling, books… OMG the list can go on and on. So my YouTube channel is my personality, there is a little of everything. Currently I’m living in Bangkok and I use my channel as a way to show mainly my family and friends what I am living and seeing.

This year has been all about traveling, the first 5 months of the year I lived in South Korea and then I took a month off to travel around little asian paradises and I was really mesmerized with the beauty that every city had to offer as I make my way to discover more.

Without doubt been apart from my country has made me more mature, being alone, literally at the other side of the world, not knowing the language makes you think twice your choices and not only that but I feel a great weight representing Mexico while I’m here. I know it may sound “corny” but I see it that way, even if you are the only Mexican, French, German, etc between a group of foreigners the way you act is how others are going to think about your culture/country.

For me Mexico is been always pretty, I know there are lot of traditions, good food, energetic people but NOTHING ELSE. After being apart for so long, knowing new cities, traditions, trying new food, discovering religions, etc made me truly appreciate the beauty and incredible my country is. I find myself comparing every place I go with Mexico haha and then I think to myself “no, Minda, no. Just enjoy the moment”.

It makes me very happy running into made in Mexico blogs like “FridayKahlo” that put so much passion into every post and that they truly know how to describe the real beauty of my Mexico. I think we have so much to offer as a culture, we as Mexicans are very passionate about the things we like and it’s something not too easy to find among people.

Lastly I have nothing but to thank you guys for including me in your projects and for always showing the best of Mexico, don’t loose that essence.

Love you guys, Fashiontaaco.



Snapchat @FashionTaaco



Montse Dom, MexSreet.

Fashion Week Mexico was the perfect place to meet this amazing street style photographer. We had the chance of creating a few projects with her, including two that you will be able to read and see next week, here. Montse has an incredible talent with the lent and she’s so sweet and tender. Don’t miss any of her cool proyects around Mexico and abroad, and maybe just maybe… you might run into her camera every once in a while. Thank you so so so so much for being part of this adventure!

MexStreet by Montse Dom.

MexStreet is a street style photo blog, it all started with the love for photography. It has turn out to be a very fun project because street style is the version of all the tendencies we see on the runway but on the street, real style.

What I love about Mexico is that it is a very diverse country, a canvas that changes every single day. It’s really interesting to capture new ways of expression and tendencies through they way people dress.






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